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Emotion on the Ocean

Captain Crossbones and Jolly Roger find themselves 'all at sea' in this nautical adventure. Help them navigate their way through their big feelings and safely back home in their sturdy boat 'Resilience'.
'Emotion On The Ocean' is a 50 minute 2 handed theatre show aimed at Primary School age children. Centering on the seemingly uncontrollable feelings experienced by two incompetent Pirates, Captain Crossbones and Jolly Roger embarking on a journey of discovery in order to discover ways of coping with some of the "big feelings" they are having. Packed with fun, music and audience participation our two 'would be' heroes meet strange and wonderful characters who teach them different  strategies to cope with feelings induced by what life throws at them.
This fun and lively show is written to encourage children to think about big feelings and emotions. Through humorous and varied characters, the children will be led on a gentle journey where resilience, understanding and solutions can be found in a confusing world.
This production is inspired by the recognition of the importance of a wellbeing agenda in our schools. It aims to open up thoughts and discussions about why we have emotions, how we recognise them and how we can work together to develop good mental health.
The performance will be followed up by supportive materials to use in the classroom and for Parents/Carers at home.
Age range: Reception to Year 6
Cost: £250 one performance £400 two performances (same school)
Requirements: Just an empty school hall - we bring everything needed.
Set-up time: 30 minutes
Length: 50 minutes
Accompanying material: Free activity pack provided for school and home.
We are a professional touring community interest theatre company based in Shropshire and tour nationally throughout the year.
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