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Hotbuckle consistently offer high quality classic theatre productions for receiving houses and they are one of our most eagerly anticipated bookings for our Walker Theatre, regularly selling-out multiple performances over recent years. Their productions appeal to a broad audience range including schools and colleges, helping us achieve a diverse programme of events. Following their visits, we often receive very positive audience feedback and it’s clear they are highly valued within our community. Our events programme would be much the poorer without their inclusion. 

David Jack - Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury

Hotbuckle Productions- 2020

I am the Arts programmer at Stamford Arts Centre and have been working here and booking shows for over 10 years. I have programmed Hotbuckle productions many times over the years. The company are very good to work with from, firstly, an administrative point of view and they are always tremendously professional in every aspect. Most importantly however, we find that tickets for the shows that we book sell very well and we have always have excellent audience feedback. 
I find that there is a real appetite for touring productions of classic books and they are perennially popular in Stamford. Over the years I have found that there are less and less companies touring such work and I very much hope that Hotbuckle continue to tour the UK and continue to be supported by Arts Council England.

Karen Burrows - Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford

I refer to your e-mail concerning Hotbuckle attempting to apply to the Arts Council for emergency response funding, advising me that you are looking for testimonials from some of your regular theatres. Certainly there is no question in my mind that Hotbuckle would merit such support. Over the ten years that I have been Artistic Director of The Heron Theatre, and probably before, you have visited us every twelve to eighteen months and sometimes more frequently and, without exception, brought to us your interpretation of English classics of the highest standard, suitable for a small venue such as our own. Your wonderful productions, which have consistently ranked among the highlights of each season and have been a benchmark by which other companies have been measured are so important to us.


My views would be fully supported by both our Management Committee and our audiences, which have rarely been less than a full house, always keen to express their appreciation by their applause and comment, both orally and also by letter or e-mail after the event.


I do think it important that such companies as Hotbuckle should be supported in these difficult times, as here at the Heron we should consider our offer to be much reduced if we were unable to programme productions from you in the future when, hopefully, we are able to begin scheduling events again.


Please feel free to advise the Arts Council of my willingness to supply any further information or detail that they may require in supporting your application.

Stuart Newton - Heron Theatre, Cumbria

"We have been delighted to welcome Hotbuckle productions to Helmsley Arts Centre for three incredible productions so far. Their adaptations of well loved books are inventive and performed with exceptional skill and creativity. With simple yet imaginative sets, live looped sound effects and the energetic portrayal of well known characters, our audiences are always thrilled to watch Hotbuckle Productions and we can't wait to welcome them back" 

Natasha Jones - Helmsley Arts Centre.

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