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Interviews with friends

Watch Gemma's "Interviews with Friends" Video Podcasts (or listen to the audio only version). Executive Director Gemma Aston has conducted a series of interviews with fellow Arts practitioners to discover their hopes, thoughts and fears resulting for the Covid 19 pandemic. 

1. Oddsocks Productions Theatre Company
2. Andy Chevalier - Self employed actor
3. Ingelah Lundh - Self employed actor
4. Jake Skellern- freelance musician
5. Jonathan Broadbent - freelance actor     Laura Moody - freelance musician
5. Giles Smith - freelance director   
6.5 Richard Dempsey - freelance actor
7. Townsend Theatre Productions
8. Sune Svanekier - freelance actor and writer
9. Emily Boulting - artistic director
10. Sharon Gilham - costume designer
11. Adrian Preater - artistic director
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