Whilst we have been unable to tour our rather lovely production of Tess of the D'Urbervilles this Spring we will now be putting our time and energy into making podcasts/radio plays of all of our classic productions over the last 10 years which will become available on this website as well as some other streaming outlets 
And here are our first and second! More to follow - Enjoy 
None of this of this would have been possible without Emergency Covid 19 funding from the Arts Council for which we are truly grateful! So thank you #NationalLottery players for making it possible fot the Arts Council to provide us with some support!

Watch outtakes from the recording of our latest podcast (soon to be released) - David Copperfield (2013) with original cast members: Fiona Leaning, Andrew Chevalier, Adrian Preater, Peter Randal and Emily Lockwood